Software Consulting


Define your idea and outline software to your needs.


Find, match and adjust a solution to your requirements.


Define and design your software and data structure.


Work on your idea to describe, proritize and complete tasks.

About me

So let's get to know each other better.

I am experienced back-end software developer and cloud engineer. First software solutions I have designed already in high school. In many years of my professional career I was able to do some web pages, structure databases, implement microservices, analyze customer requirements, estimate efforts for team, provide different software and infrastructure architectures.

At esteam8 I use my knowledge to help others with applying proper software solutions in their companies. In end effect you can focus on your business.

Contact me to get to know each other better.


Fields of interest.


Carefuly chosen software can help your business to grow up. It could be customers, orders, payments, delivery management or reports tool. Match solution to your needs.

Project Management

Plan, prioritize, track and delivery tasks within a specified budget and estimated time. Move smoothly from "todo" to "done" status.

Open Source

Sharing knowledge to develop, contribute on amazing ideas and solutions. Create useful and powerful software with dedicated community.